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BusinessThank you for analyzing these revised policies. I urge anybody on HubPages to terminate your account earlier than February 9th, 2016 (and signal my petition). Please share this with others (together with your loved ones). permits relations to additionally sign.

I closed it, but now their web site says I was as soon as a member of HubPages and like I said, it has all my feedback from after I was on Squidoo. Your Business Itemizing includes a hyperlink to your web page, and the content material of your itemizing is optimized for serps. Both improve your Web site’s search engine ranking.

d) You haven’t responded to makes an attempt to contact You at the main electronic mail tackle listed within the contact info in Your account for a period of six (6) months from the date of the primary try and contact You for which no response has been obtained. < btw,="" hubpages="" has="" by="" no="" means="" tried="" to="" contact="" me="" apart="" from="" automated="" emails="" and="" one="" bullying="" one="" from="" sue="" adams="" (proven="" right="" here="">

Para aplicar Canvas, mostrado na figura acima, pode utilizá-lo impresso (usando este pdf ) em um tamanho A0 para facilitar trabalho colaborativo; ou desenhá-lo em um quadro, pois seu layout é simples de ser replicado. Para preencher Canvas é recomendado utilizar put up-its, pois são fáceis de manipular.

If You or HubPages intend to delete any Person Content offered by You, we cannot assure that your User Content can be utterly removed from all Consumer gadgets or from their web pages, nor that other Users will not misuse any content that You provide.

I hope HP reaches some agreement with you and removes your whole content material and whatever knowledge they’ve on you, however they obtained it. Most websites do not delete the comments of customers who shut their accounts, and on HP there is not any technique to delete any comments you make, so I doubt they are going to remove feedback linked to your squidoo account. Perhaps you possibly can contact the authors of the hubs that have your squidoo feedback and ask them to delete them.